Friday, July 27, 2007

Falling Off The Wagon

Okay, soI haven’t been so talkative lately. To tell you the truth I haven’t been cooking much at all. And I admit I've been a little slow getting this posted too...

Remember my post with all that blathering about dieting and what not? Well, I failed – I just COULD NOT get my head in the game. I tried – sort of – and just fell right off the wagon. Bruised my ever expanding butt too. So, after a visit to the doc for an un-fat-related problem I got a scare. My blood pressure and Cholesterol had sky rocketed. Drastic measures were required!!!!

M and I had been jokingly talking about NutriSystem – you know the diet that runs those stupid infomercials early every morning? All those “I lost a jillion pounds” blah blah…Well, I understand the glycemic index and how it works and honestly, I thought that, like anything else, this could work if I stuck to it. Not one to suffer alone, I stomped my chunky little foot and signed M on with me.

We got our packages of food and read the little booklets and jumped right in. Now let me warn you – if you think this is an easy diet you are wrong – I mean yes, they provide food, but YOU provide just as much food. And don’t think it’s cheap, you provide fruits, veggies, dairy, protein – get the picture? Not to mention all the prep work. That all being said…

I have lost 19 pounds since April 21, I look better than I have on any diet I have ever tried and I feel great; better still my pressure is down in the basement where it belongs. I get the cholesterol checked in September – no doubt that it will be back in the low range that it was before. M has done even better!

Now, keep in mind this IS A DIET. The food is not exactly up to my usual standards; yes they have chocolate – but Lindt it ain’t! The food is okay and some is very good, some is yucky but since I get to pick the menus I can avoid the weird smelling things.

I even got a cute little bear for losing 10 pounds! Nice touch.

Like I said this diet is not for the faint of heart – you must be committed, follow the diet, keep records. You will not be hungry so if that is your excuse for not trying a new diet try this one. Oh ya, umm – try getting’ your butt to the gym or maybe out for a WALK!!!!