Saturday, August 25, 2007

B-Bye Summer

Yup, summer is drawing to a close and diet not withstanding I just had to have one last BBQ with all the fixin's! Now I'm not gonna post a ribs recipe 'cause EVERYONE has their own secret recipe that's the best in the world yada yada... I think mine truely is the best and since I stole the recipe I ain't-a-gonna give it up!! But here's a peek - mouth watering yet?

Now I know I just posted about being on a diet and I still am (22 pounds so far). One thing I have learned I can't live my life in total denial - well I can try, but when it comes to food, well - no. So, yes, I take a day off here or there and I try not to go nuts - sometimes I fail, but I get right back on. I'm at my goal so I am now maintaining. Okay enough of that crap - back to the Q!
Where was I? Oh ya, ribs, now what goes better with ribs than good old tater salad - not much, except maybe corn on the cob. Now, I am a potatoe salad purist, I don't like a bunch of fancy ingredients - I don't need eggs or bacon (it ain't breakfast guys) or celery or peppers...(yuk!). For me it's the K.I.S.S. method (for you youngsters that's keep-it-simple-stupid). Here's the recipe - potatoes (I use plain old white), sweet onions chopped (a fistful for every 3 fist sized taters), cider vinegar (a 1/2 teaspoon at a time) real mayo -NOT SALAD DRESSING (a good coating on all the veggies), salt and pepper. Got it? For the photo op I sprinkled with Paprika just 'cause my mother always did - but you can skip that, it is really just decoration.

Of cousre there was corn - how could there not be? We got the BEST corn out in Central Massachusettes near our sporting club. Look how pretty!!!

So since this was kind of a special Q - being the last for the year - I did try a new recipe. I got this recipe from the Food Network - okay now I'm gonna confess that I actually did watch " party line with the Hardy Boys" - go ahead laugh - get it out of your system. Done? In my own defense there ain't much on TV at 7AM on Sunday mornings when I'm slogging away on the stepper. Anyway, they did this really nice lemon, tomatoe pasta salad, which I have tried as is and loved it. But, today I added Australian Semi-Sun Dried Tomatoes from 34°. Normally the salad is light and very bright, but with the addition of these tomatoes and a little balsamic the flavor was much deeper, nice for a coolish day.

B-Bye Summer, it was great while it lasted!

Now bring on the stews, apples and fresh baked bread!!!!