Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dinner Interrupted - First Course

Cream of Watercress & Zucchini Soup

So, you plan you buy you create and what happens? Your guest gets sick. Of course you show the appropriate amount of concern for the ailing party, I mean they must be at death’s door if they have to miss one of my fabulous dinners right? But, now what do you do, you have a fridge full of food that you normally would not have around – who keeps a 3 pound filet mignon hanging around the fridge.

Do you freeze and have franks and beans instead? Nope – you have a beautiful dinner for two.

First course; a pale green zucchini and watercress soup adapted from Emeril Live on the Food Network. This soup is smooth, tasty and a great starter - almost all veggie but still thick and creamy. I cut the cream down to half, but you can skip the cream altogether for a healthier soup without loosing the silky texture. It has become a standard in my entertaining repertoire.

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

Hi Di! Your blog looks great. I saw that you posted a question about pictures fro your left sidebar over at Thur's.

I don't know if he answered you..but LOL...He didn't answer my question and...I don't see any pictures in your sidebar.

I've overcome that challenge pretty easy. Stop by my blog and pick up my email link or leave a message as a comment.

I'd be glad to help!