Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary Bon Appetit!

Wow, 50 years! It's hard to believe this magazine has been around longer than me - kinda hard to believe ANYTHING has been around longer than me lately but that's another blog!

I couldn't wait to get home when I bought my 50th Anniversary Issue. BA is on one my fav's and I knew there would be some really good stuff inside. Well, boy was I right, cheesecake, veal chops, baked rice and yes quiche. My mouth was absolutely watering just looking through.

I chose this little quiche because, well, it didn't look like a quiche, so demure and thin, but boy does it pack a ton of flavor! The only change I made - one that I always make with savory crusts - is to add a little black pepper to the crust. Other than that - I just followed the recipe to a very yummy end!

The flavor is big, but not over poweringly cheesey, the shrooms are - well - who doesn't love shrooms? I carefully caramelized the shallots so their flavor was deep and sweet. The whole thing came together pretty quickly and was well worth the effort. This one is a keeper!

Stay tuned I have several more recipes that I plan to try from this issue so I'll be sure to post the results.

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