Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Just A Pretty Face

Ya, by now everyone knows I'm a sucker for a pretty face, or in this case a pretty picture. I spotted the magazine cover from the opposite end of the aisle. fine Cooking June/July 2009, Issue #99. The cover featured a beautiful shot of beef short ribs - and of course the word ice cream was printed there as well - talk about your eye candy!!!!

I've been trying to limit my magazine purchases to avoid a possible landslide of monumental proportions from crushing some unsuspecting passer by in my house. Nine times out of 10 I thumb through and to see if there really is a recipe in that issue that I would ACTUALLY make. Problem is, until my recent attempt at reform I ALWAYS decided that there was. And, like so many other cooking mag addicts I would dog ear the page and set it aside to "make this soon". As stated my "make this soon" pile has become a hazard. This time I didn't, I just grabbed up the pretty picture and scurried to the register to purchase my guilty prize before anyone caught on.

I didn't relegate this mag to the "pile", this time I kept it floating around the kitchen, then neatly stacked on top of the magazines on the coffee table - basically in my face at all time. And, in M's - which one day resulted in him asking "are ya gonna make this?" while holding up said pretty picture and pointing? What else could I say but "yup".

Part of what attracted me to this mag was the short ribs - I seem to be stumbling over short rib recipes like it's some kind of message lately. Well I figured it was time to heed the call and make some! Over the last few weeks I've seen short ribs at my local bulk food store on a regular basis so that's where I headed once the decision was made. Well, let me tell ya, it must have been a mirage because there was a dearth of short ribs in my area. I tried said bulk food store - beep thank you for playing...I tried the grocery store I NEVER shop at any more because they had the audacity to change hands and change floor plans, again beep. However, I was regaled by the Meat Manager for a solid 10 minutes about something to do with ordering and green and slimy. I'm pretty sure he was speaking English, or some English. Ya, I could not understand a freakin' word this guy was saying but he was on a roll so I just stood there, smiled like an idiot, nodding like a bobble head doll until it seemed like he had finished...then I dropped my basket and ran!!!

Last resort was another local, but kinda out of the way store that I hardly use but M thought it might be worth a shot. Thank gawd for M - although they did not have the English Short Ribs called for in the recipe they did have boneless short ribs. I got a very good explanation of butchery from a nice young man (did I really say that - man I'm getting old). Well he talked me into trying the boneless 'cause - guess what - short ribs are a FALL food item! Ya, like why would a magazine print a recipe for summer grilling using an item usually reserved for fall???? (To their credit they do mention you may need to special order - way in the backity back of the magazine).

I had to make a few adjustments due to the fact that I used 4 pounds of boneless meat rather than bone in...more meat guys, oh ya! I also did not use the grill for braising as called for in the recipe, it was just too much of a pain and the bugs were crazy that night. Other than that I followed the recipe closely and was rewarded with short rib perfection! My photo is not as pretty as fine Cooking's is but boy the ribs were spectacular!!

There are heaps of steps so plan accordingly. I made this on a week night, next time I will save this for a weekend. Oh, any changes I made are noted in my version of the recipe - click the link below the photo.


Wandering Coyote said...

Your link is up! Thanks for participating. Your dish look delish!

Palidor said...

The ribs look incredibly delicious.

I'm like you with cooking magazines. I'll put a post-it flag by recipes that look interesting to try, but never do. I have a big stack of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, and most of them, I've yet to cook a recipe from.